Serenata (Rimpianto) by Enrico Toselli
written in 1900 when he was 16 years old

I was given a record by my grandmother's tenant, Max Dolin... I really liked the song I became interested in violin.  I was 8 years old....

(click the pic for my recollections of Max)


Max Dolin was my Grandmother's Tenant.  He wanted to marry her... Grandma said no... "He's married to the race track!"



Enrico Toselli's Serenata...


Here is the song played on-line by Vaso Phihoda...  Click Here

Here is my arrangement which is very similar... (click the pics)



Beautiful songs sung in Italian often lose something in the translation...

Italian lyrics to English...                        Serenata... Rimpianto (Regrets)

Like a golden dream in my heart, ever smiling
Lives the image fair of happy love I knew in days gone by
Still I seem to hear your laughter beguiling
Still to see the joy
The love light beaming from your radiant eye

Can my dreaming be in vain
Will my love ne'er come again? Ah come!
Shall we waste the golden hours of youth far apart
What care I for life without you by my side

Do not delay, the hours slip away
Your arms are my paradise
You and only you can fill my heart

Oh, star of my heaven
Come back and shed your light upon my way
Come back! Come back!

I thought that they needed work and a change in theme!  So here is what I put together...
no regrets, just old fashioned sentiment and romance...


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